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Tapes of 1961

(22ACC = 22nd American Advanced Clinical Course. Per the website, "1961 began with Mr. Hubbard in Washington, DC delivering the Twenty-second American Advanced Clinical Course and the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress" (above).

22ACC-1 2 Jan Present Time Problems-Why Cases Don't Move
22ACC-2 2 Jan Present Time Problems and Withholds
22ACC-3 3 Jan E-Meter
22ACC-4 3 Jan Withholds
22ACC-5 4 Jan The Mechanics of the Reactive Bank
22ACC-6 4 Jan Clearing Procedure
22ACC-7 5 Jan Dianetics and Present Time Problems
22ACC-8 5 Jan Methods of Clearing Technology
22ACC-9 6 Jan Dianetic Assist and Presession 38
22ACC-10 6 Jan Clearing Routine

(ACSA = South African Anatomy Congress. Per the website, "The content and method of delivery of the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course was the key topic of the lectures at this congress. (To be released on cassette.)"

ACSA-1 21 Jan Opening Lecture
ACSA-2 21 Jan The Parts of the Mind
ACSA-3 21 Jan Aberration and the Handling Of
ACSA-4 22 Jan Evolution of Early Research-Prehav Scale
ACSA-5 22 Jan Things of Scientology: Cycle of Action, Time Track, Stable Datum
ACSA-6 22 Jan Johannesburg Staff Intros, Lecture: Clearing Certs for Clears

(3SACC = 3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course. Note that earlier South African ACCs were not taught by Ron. Per the website, "(Reproduced on cassette for the South African Rundown Auditor Course.)".

3SACC-1 23 Jan HAS Co-audit Processes and E-Meter
3SACC-2 24 Jan Presession 38
3SACC-3 25 Jan Model Session Revised
3SACC-4 26 Jan Difference Between Dianetics and Scientology - Presession 38
3SACC-5 27 Jan Creative Ability
3SACC-6 2 Feb Auditor Failures
3SACC-7 3 Feb Regimen and Prehavingness-Advances
3SACC-8 6 Feb Making Formulas Out of the Prehav Scale
3SACC-9 7 Feb What Are You Auditing?
3SACC-10 8 Feb Case Behavior Under Processing
3SACC-11 9 Feb Mental Healing: Sanity and Insanity
3SACC-12 10 Feb Organization Lines
3SACC-13 13 Feb The Three Therapies of Earth
3SACC-14 14 Feb Fundamentals of Auditing
3SACC-15 15 Feb Havingness and Confront Scales
3SACC-16 16 Feb Machines and Havingness
3SACC-17 17 Feb Case Conditions

(SHSBC = Saint Hill Special Briefing Course)

(Per the website, "The following lectures mark the beginning of the famous Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, delivered personally by L. Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill from 1961 through 1966. During the next five and a half years, Mr. Hubbard lectured regularly to the students and personally oversaw their training so as to make them true experts who could be counted on to carry the latest technology and the highest standards of competence to the field. (The full set of 437 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures, from 1961 through 1966, is available on cassette.)"

(note that in the new numbering series there are 448 cassettes
(447 numbers with one on 2 cassettes) of which only 437 are on the course and in the cassette set. The remaining 11 are confidential. These are numbers 216, 221, 222, 371, 372, 382, 384, 413, 414, 415, and 429 listed in detail below)

(The modern briefing course uses a date ordered checksheet and is divided into many sections itentified by letters. The SHSBC cassettes begin in section D and continue up through section L. The cassettes themselves are grouped into sets by these levels)

(The old numbering series consisted of SHSBC 1 to 329 and then continued as SH Special 1 to 84. Plus there were separately numbered TV demos given as part of the course (TVD- numbers).
This list shows the original numbers and the renumbering.)

Briefing course cassetts Level D contain new numbers 1 to 12
Briefing course cassetts Level E contain new numbers 13 to 54
Briefing course cassetts Level F contain new numbers 65 to 100

SHSBC-1 ren 1 7 May E-Meter Talk and Demo
SHSBC-2 ren 2 12 May Assessment
SHSBC-3 ren 3 19 May E-Meter
SHSBC-4 ren 4 26 May On Auditing
SHSBC-5 ren 5 1 Jun Flattening a Process and the E-Meter
SHSBC-6 ren 6 2 Jun Flows, Prehav Scale, Primary Scale
SHSBC-7 ren 7 5 Jun Routine 1, 2 and 3
SHSBC-8 ren 8 6 Jun Security Checks
SHSBC-9 ren 9 7 Jun Points in Assessing
SHSBC-10 ren 10 8 Jun Question and Answer Period: Ending an Intensive
SHSBC-11 ren 11 9 Jun Reading E-Meter Reactions
SHSBC-12 ren 12 12 Jun E-Meter Actions, Errors in Auditing
SHSBC-13 ren 13 13 Jun Seminar, Question and Answer Period
SHSBC-14 ren 14 14 Jun Seminar: Withholds
SHSBC-15X ren 15 15 Jun Not-Know
SHSBC-16X ren 16 16 Jun Confront and Havingness-Routines 1, 2 and 3
SHSBC-15 ren 17 19 Jun Question and Answer Period: Auditing Slowdowns
SHSBC-16 ren 18 20 Jun Sec Check Questions, Mutual Rudiments
SHSBC-17 ren 19 21 Jun Seminar: Auditing Speed
SHSBC-18 ren 20 22 Jun Running CCHs <L1 cass.>
SHSBC-19 ren 21 23 Jun Question and Answer Period: CCHs, Auditing
SHSBC-20 ren 22 26 Jun Dealing with Attacks on Scientology
SHSBC-21 ren 23 27 Jun CCHs-Circuits <L1 cass.>
SHSBC-22 ren 24 28 Jun Raw Meat-Trouble-shooting Cases
SHSBC-23 ren 25 29 Jun Wrong Target, Sec Check
SHSBC-24 ren 26 30 Jun Training on TRs, Talk on Auditing
SHSBC-26X ren 27 3 Jul Routine 1A-Problems <old L1 cass>
SHSBC-27X ren 28 4 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Solutions
SHSBC-25 ren 29 5 Jul Question and Answer Period: Procedure in Auditing
SHSBC-26 ren 30 6 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Confront
SHSBC-27 ren 31 11 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Security Checks (orig title "R1A Problems and Solutions")
SHSBC-28 ren 32 12 Jul Question and Answer Period: Anatomy of Maybe, Solutions
SHSBC-29 ren 33 14 Jul Checking Ruds and Withholds
SHSBC-30 ren 34 18 Jul Can't-Have, Create, Fundamentals of All Problems
SHSBC-31 ren 35 19 Jul Quest. and Answer Period: Auditor Effect on Meter
SHSBC-32 ren 36 20 Jul Games Conditions

% LAC-1 22 Jul Ron's Opening Talk and Slides (LA Congress)

SHSBC-33 ren 37 3 Aug Creation and Goals
SHSBC-34 ren 38 4 Aug Methodology of Aud.-Not Doingness and Occlusion
SHSBC-35 ren 39 8 Aug Forgettingness
SHSBC-36 ren 40 9 Aug Question and Answer Period: Goals Search
SHSBC-37 ren 41 10 Aug Question and Answer Period: Goals Assessment, Behavior of Pc
SHSBC-38 ren 42 11 Aug Basics of Auditing, Matter-of-Factness
SHSBC-39 ren 43 15 Aug Quest. and Answer Period: Anatomy and Assessment of Goals
SHSBC-40 ren 44 16 Aug Unknown-Cyclic Aspect of Goals
SHSBC-41 ren 45 17 Aug Rudiments, Valences
SHSBC-42 ren 46 18 Aug Control of Attention
SHSBC-43 ren 47 22 Aug PTPs, Unknownnesses
SHSBC-44 ren 48 23 Aug Auditing Basics <essen. cass>
SHSBC-45 ren 49 24 Aug Rudiments
SHSBC-46 ren 50 29 Aug Basics of Auditing <L1 cass><essen. cass>
SHSBC-47 ren 51 30 Aug Auditing Quality
SHSBC-48 ren 52 31 Aug What is Auditing?
SHSBC-49 ren 53 5 Sep Principles of Auditing <essen. cass>
SHSBC-50 ren 54 6 Sep Subjective Reality
SHSBC-51 ren 55 7 Sep Reality in Auditing
SHSBC-52 ren 56 12 Sep Clearing Breakthrough
SHSBC-53 ren 57 13 Sep Sec Check and Withholds
SHSBC-54 ren 58 14 Sep Goals and Terminals Assessment
SHSBC-55 ren 59 19 Sep Question and Answer Period: Prehav, Sec Checks, ARC Break Process
SHSBC-56 ren 60 20 Sep Seminar, Question and Answer Period: What Is Knowable to the Pc
SHSBC-57 ren 61 21 Sep Smoothness of Auditing
SHSBC-58 ren 62 26 Sep Teaching the Field Sec Checks
SHSBC-59 ren 63 27 Sep Question and Answer Period: States of Beingness
SHSBC-60 ren 64 28 Sep Grades of Auditors
SHSBC-61 ren 65 3 Oct The Prior Confusion <L1 cass><FPRD cass>
SHSBC-62 ren 66 4 Oct Moral Codes: What is a Withhold? <L2 cass>
SHSBC-63 ren 67 5 Oct Sec Checking: Types of Withholds <L2 cass>
SHSBC-64 ren 68 10 Oct Problems Intensive <L1 cass>
SHSBC-65 ren 69 11 Oct Problems Intensive Assessment <L1 cass>
SHSBC-66 ren 70 12 Oct Problems
SHSBC-67 ren 71 17 Oct Problems Intensive Procedures
SHSBC-68 ren 72 18 Oct Valences, Circuits
SHSBC-69 ren 73 19 Oct Question and Answer Period: Flows
SHSBC-70 ren 74 24 Oct Clearing
SHSBC-71 ren 75 25 Oct Importance of Goals Terminals
SHSBC-72 ren 76 26 Oct Security Checking: Auditing Errors <L2 cass>
SHSBC-73 ren 77 31 Oct Rudiments
SHSBC-74 ren 78 1 Nov Formation of Commands
SHSBC-75 ren 79 2 Nov How to Security Check <L2 cass>
SHSBC-76 ren 80 7 Nov Routine 3A
SHSBC-77 ren 81 8 Nov Checking Case Reports
SHSBC-78 ren 82 9 Nov Effective Auditing
SHSBC-79 ren 83 14 Nov Routine 3D
SHSBC-80 ren 84 15 Nov Routine 3D (cont.)
SHSBC-81 ren 85 16 Nov Points in Assessing
SHSBC-82 ren 86 21 Nov Running 3D
SHSBC-83 ren 87 22 Nov Reading the E-Meter
SHSBC-84 ren 88 23 Nov Auxiliary Prehav 3D Scale
SHSBC-85 ren 89 28 Nov Havingness
SHSBC-86 ren 90 29 Nov E-Meter Tips
SHSBC-87 ren 91 30 Nov Parts of 3D
SHSBC-88 ren 92 5 Dec Aspects of 3D
SHSBC-89 ren 93 6 Dec Sec Checks Necessary
SHSBC-90 ren 94 7 Dec Expectancy of 3D
SHSBC-91 ren 95 12 Dec Sec Checks in Processing
SHSBC-92 ren 96 13 Dec Assessing 3D
SHSBC-93 ren 97 14 Dec Anatomy of Problems
SHSBC-94 ren 98 19 Dec 3D Packages (alt title "parts of 3D")
SHSBC-95 ren 99 20 Dec Upgrading Auditing
SHSBC-96 ren 100 21 Dec Probabilities of 3D

(CHC = Clean Hands Congress. Per the website, "Taking a short break from his heavy schedule of research, lectures and instruction at Saint Hill, Mr. Hubbard flew to Washington where he gave a nine-hour series of lectures on advanced auditing procedures and the technology of Scientology Confessionals. (Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Expansion of Havingness.")

CHC-1 30 Dec Scientology, Where We Are Going
CHC-2 30 Dec Auditing Perfection and Classes of Auditors
CHC-3 30 Dec Parts of the 3D Package
CHC-4 31 Dec The Goals Problem Mass
CHC-5 31 Dec The E-Meter and Its Use
CHC-6 31 Dec Havingness, Quality of Reach
CHC-7 1 Jan The Valence, How It Works
CHC-8 1 Jan Goals Package Balance of Valences and Identification
CHC-9 1 Jan Effectiveness and Your Effectiveness Now